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  • The concept of airworthiness management for state-registered aircraft was approved by the RMAF Chief of Air Force Advisory Committee in 1996. In conjunction with this approval, the Directorate of Technical Airworthiness (DTA) was set up as an adhoc organization within the Engineering Branch in RMAF Headquarter, Ministry of Defence.
  • The adhoc DTA was headed by Lt Kol Ir Hj Kamarulzaman bin Zainal (now retired) and he reported directly to the RMAF Chief Engineer who was also acting in the capacity as Technical Airworthiness Authority (TAA) as well as the Technical Airworthiness Regulator (TAR). The regulatory authority of DTA was then confined only to aircraft operated by the RMAF.
  • In 2005, concept paper for the implementation of technical airworthiness management was approved by RMAF Chief of Air Force Advisory Committee.

  • The setting up of State Airworthiness Authority (SAA) and the appointment of Chief of Air Force as SAA were approved by Defence Minister Board on 5 Sep 2006. The role of State Airworthiness Board (AB) as an advisory body to SAA was also approved by the Board. With this approval, DTA’s regulatory authority was expanded to include aircrafts operated by the Malaysian Army Air Wing and the Royal Malaysian Navy Air Wing.

  • The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) became the first non-military State Aircraft Operator (SAO) to join the rank of State Airworthiness Authority when it registered its fleet of Dolphin AS 365N3 helicopters with SAA on 17 Jun 2008 and followed by Bombardier 415MP aircraft in 2009. Malaysian Fire & Rescue Services also registered its fleet of Mi-17 and Mi-171 Russian-made helicopters with SAA on 17 Jun 2008.

  • Final proposal for the establishment of Directorate General Technical Airworthiness (DGTA) was submitted to the Government for approval.

  • The establishment of Directorate General Technical Airworthiness (DGTA) was formally approved by the Government in July 2010. With this approval, DGTA become a state agency responsible for regulating the technical airworthiness of state-registered aircraft.

  • The new organization is headed by a Director General with the rank of Brigadier General. The Director General of DGTA is the Technical Airworthiness Authority (TAA) as well as the Technical Airworthiness Regulator (TAR). As an external and independent regulator, the Director General reports directly to the Chief of Air Force in his capacity as State Airworthiness Authority. DGTA is no longer an organization under the RMAF Engineering Branch. However, it still depends on RMAF Headquarter for organizational and administrative support.

  • The State Airworthiness Board is chaired by the Deputy Chief of Air Force and board members consist of Director General of DGTA and a representative of RMAF Air Operation Commander.

  • As State Airworthiness Authority, the Chief of Air Force is responsible for implementing a management system for operational airworthiness and technical airworthiness. The establishment of DGTA provides a management system and regulatory framework for state technical airworthiness and this is achieved based on its role as TAA and TAR. However, there is currently no management system and regulatory framework for operational airworthiness and the authority for operational airworthiness rest with the respect Service Chief or Director General of SAO.

  • DGTA’s office premise was finally relocated from 18th Floor in Ministry of Defence to 12th floor of TH Selborn building in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur on 16 May 2011 albeit on a short term basis. DGTA’s office once again moved to the 8th floor of TH Selborn building on 25 Nov 2011 after the entire floor had been renovated. The 8th floor of TH Selborn building now became the final location of DGTA.


  • To Be an International Recognized State Technical Airworthiness Authority


  • To Augments Awareness and Compliance of Technical Airworthiness Through inculcation of Culture, Regulation and Practice


  • To Provide Independent Assessment Of Technical Airworthiness For State Registered Aircraft.
  • To Certify And Approve Organizations Involved In The Design And Maintenance Of State Registered Aircraft And Its Associated Aeronautical Products.
  • To Certify And Approve Aircraft Maintenance Training Organizations.
  • To Advise State Airworthiness Authority On All Matters Related To Technical Airworthiness.
  • To Review, Update And Amend Policies And Regulations Related To Management And Enforcement Of Technical Airworthiness Requirement.


  • We identify the following core values as fundamental in developing and sustaining internal and external relationships essential to our role as Technical Airworthiness Regulator:

    In carrying out our roles and responsibilities, DGTA staffs are fully committed to the following professional and ethical values:

Honesty & sincerity Straight-talking Respect for other opinions
Sense of Urgency Partnership Professionalism
Transparency Unbiased objectivity Integrity
Commitment Consistency Team work





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