The Bilateral Airworthiness Recognition between the Malaysian and French Military Airworthiness Authority (MAA) have reached its pinnacle with the exchange of certificate for mutual recognition between both parties during LIMA ’19. The certificate presentation was between the Director General Directorate General Technical Airworthiness (DGTA), Brigadier General Dato’ Dr Md Zaki bin Md Zain RMAF and the French Director of the State Aviation Safety Authority (DSAE), Général de Bouvier. The event was witnessed by the Chief of Air Force, General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Haji Affendi bin Buang RMAF, France Ambassador to Malaysia, delegations from the French MAA as well as other State Aircraft Operators from Malaysia. The Bilateral Airworthiness Recognition activities were initiated in July 2018 when Direction de la Sécurité Aéronautique d’Etat (DSAE), an organisation within the French MAA, performed an audit to DGTA in ensuring that the airworthiness requirement is adhered to by the Malaysian MAA. Consequently, an audit was also carried out by DGTA to DSAE in France in November 2018. This recognition marks a significant achievement to Malaysia state aircraft aviation sector, as it recognizes DGTA standing as the Technical Airworthiness Authority. DGTA regulates and manages airworthiness compliance by the state aircraft operator and the local aviation industries in accordance with recognized international aviation regulations and military airworthiness standards. This recognition means Malaysian armed services and enforcement agencies aircraft could operate globally and the local industries may explore opportunities in MRO services internationally with DGTA certification. Airworthiness concerns aircraft flight safety and deals with aviation engineering, maintenance and training of aircraft technicians. DGTA manages compliance and certification to Malaysian state aircraft operator comprises the Air Force, Navy, Army, Fire & Rescue Department and Maritime Enforcement Agency, as well as all associated government organisations and industries. This ensures the design, production and maintenance of aircraft and associated aeronautical products are carried out to the authorized standard by competent personnel using approved procedures and documentation. DGTA is an organisation under the jurisdiction of the State Airworthiness Authority, and currently manned by Air Force, Army and Navy aircraft engineers.

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